Secret Most Excellent Potion Kit

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The Secret Most Excellent Potion Kit shares a few secrets from the TreeHouse Secret World Vault & The Wizard’s Academy of Apothecary Arts.  Ravenwitch & LadyJane Owl invite you to begin your studies of the Natural World.

Our Secret Most Excellent Potion Kit  is full of supplies and Enchanted objects that can Inspire you to continue your studies of the natural, Magical world.

Create an enchanting box for your magical supplies &  treasures, & store them in your secret book box, disguised on your bookshelf.

It features potion bottles, a mini funnel, calibrated dropper, 4 small packets of organic herbs of our choice, an idea scroll, satin cord & a charm to make a necklace, and tiny treasure surprises!

Decorate your Book Box any way that you like. Use your own drawing markers, watercolors, paints, or colored pencils to draw or paint it... Mini Natural Earth Paint sets sold separately.

Too much moisture will damage the paper mache book box.  Keep in a dry place.

Created and assembled by LadyJaneStudios in the ModernWizard workshop.

NOTE: Contents of kits may vary from photos shown, but will be similar and of equal or greater value.

Adult supervision required. This kit contains sharp objects and small parts which are a choking hazard for children. NOT A TOY.

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